Ultimate Sonic

Ultimate Sonic 1.0

Ultimate Sonic is an action game based in the famous Sega Genesis saga
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Ultimate Sonic is an action game based on the famous Sega Genesis saga.
This game was developed by Menace.ch, whose site is under construction. It is distributed by NowStat.com free.

In Ultimate Sonic, you can choose to control Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, or Cream as your character. To complete each level you must reach the end. You must avoid the enemies, who will throw you objects, while collecting the rings that you will find along the way. You will lose the rings you have collected when an enemy hits you, but if you have no rings you will lose a life. Therefore, the rings will act as a shield that will save you lives. When you lose your rings, they will remain near you, so you can recover them easily.

In this game, you will control your character using the cursor movement keys to go right or left, the spacebar to jump, and a combination between the down key and spacebar to make a spindash. The game can be paused pressing the ENTER key. You can play in the Time Trial mode or the Main Game mode. The online version will allow you to password-protect a game to save your progress.

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